In Shu's Shoes

👣 Live for today 👣



 The Mother👶

​I have this notebook...👇 It is one of those your given for free at medical conferences and to be honest, i didn't give it much thought until I met Linda... She is a patient I had the pleasure of talking... Continue Reading →


Singin’ in the rain☔

​Singin' in the rain.. What a glorious feeling!!! 🙌 I remember watching the 18...late in life...but i watched it!! And loved it...:D Gene Kelly's scene singing in the rain....😍's the action today I'll focus on. Singing in the... Continue Reading →

The Mighty Bra 💪

Check one two...mic... *taps mic* Ahem... *silence* An ode to you oh mighty bra With straps so strong... Oh how much you hold... A connection of two you make Be it a push up, sports or padded bra You work... Continue Reading →

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