Starting off.. This is not about the book series… Hehehe…
Its exam season!!!!(shivers… 😩)
I call them The Hunger Games… (*crickets chirping*)

Why.. Well.. Its about the Gaussian curve. You know the normal distribution curve??

That one!! The moment you shift left, out of the normal distribution…  You get screwed! So yes.. End of year exams are like the hunger games for us. Trying NOT to be in the bottom 2.5 percentile.

Its the one time of the year people get to hibernate and hide… Cut down their sleep hours…Lies… That life.. Thats the entire Medical School life for us. .. Day in, day out

Back to Pre Exam week… Its that time when your cortisol levels rise so high.. I can’t even get a metaphor😞(high as a kite sounds off…tihihi… )


Some background information.. Cortisol is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands that basically increases when your stressed.  During this time, there is no need for sleep… Sleep for who!  Future Shu will never forgive you! .. We then pump ourselves up on caffeine.. And… Well… These two lead to even higher cortisol levels..

The body basically goes to survival mode kiasi..  Since you ain’t eating either.. . This cortisol decides to make glucose for you…

Body is just trying to help poor Shu cope and this hormone decides lets store up some fat… Just incase this stress is going to get really long term.. And you know what… Lets put it right… At… The middle… So.. Not only are you stressed now… You are getting a pot belly to go with it.  And for some creepy reason.. It decides.. You know what… Am going to make this medical students life just a teensy bit harder.. It lowers your immunity… Thats when the flu makes an attack.. Your strong fortress of ginger-lemon tea every morning has been defeated. Betrayal.. Eeh!!

Its no wonder exam season= flu season back here!!  Hmmmph!!!😷

I guess point is… If you see a confused looking female walking round medical school… Half asleep… Unleashing pocket tissues at every turn.. Carrying with her a water bottle whose concocted contents even look bitter.. With a nicely round belly announcing her arrival…Then thats definitely me!   Smile at me please.. I just might manage to open my mouth… Smile or growl.. You’ll decide as to what you saw.. Hehehehe…😂😂

I really should be reading…
Till next time.. 😁😁

Shu 😜

P.S. Paper cuts are painfull!!!😢😢 should really go paperless at this rate!